We can succeed more with people if we master and apply certain skills in our daily dealings with other human beings. From personal experiences, I have learnt that these skills can get you impressive success in business, human relations, career and life in general. What follows are five of these skills and how to get started learning them.


If you cannot make three successful statements without uttering stuffs like urgh . . .em . . well . . .you know .. . kinda . . . sha . . . I was like . . ., and all the related gibberish, you are still far from mastering the art of communication.

Sheer inability to express emotions to potential lovers is one of the reasons most guys spend their fortune carelessly. Money replaces their tongues!

The ability to express yourself in simple, comprehensible, decent grammar is something most people don’t and never possess. When you speak without stuttering, you command more credibility, and sound like an authority.

Only then will potential clients, lovers, electorates, fans and people in general, trust you wholly. Ignore clichés, slangs and classless abbreviations.

Unless for fun or professional necessity, there is no need to use explosive words. Keep it short and simple. This is the reason I jailed my demon of ear-renting vocabulary a long time ago.

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To acquire this skill, start with PUBLIC SPEAKING by Dale Carnegie

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Although not many people realize this, we are all traders – constantly selling our ideas, products, services, opinions, appearance, wisdom and whatnot to other people.

What is important now is to master this art. To do this, you need to study people’s needs and SEEM to have a solution. You don’t need to really have a solution, but must look like you have a solution or can link them up to a solution.

– The present administration sold us the antidote to perennial corruption.
– We bought with millions of votes. University promises you an excellent career, so you pay through your nose and every hole in your body, and endure subhuman treatment from lecturers and the system.
– FIFA sells you the Ballon d’or every year so you would think the holder is the best footballer in the universe. That’s a joke even Ronaldo and Messi understand.

We all have something to sell and need to buy. But while legends are rocking GREAT sales and buying TOO little, non-conscious folks – this represents the majority of us – are buying ONLY!

Recommendation: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SALES by Brian Tracy.

I may guarantee that we all have brains, but what I cannot guarantee is if we all USE that brain. Emphasis is on the word “USE”.

We survive WASSCE easily because it test our knowledge of ENGLISH LANGUAGE, but struggle with JAMB’s UME because is tests our USE of ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Dear, most people would rather see a new movie than think about how to better their lives. By most, we are looking at over 90%. And the few who claim to THINK actually FANTASIZE hopelessly.

Very few people task their brains daily and they are the reasons we have phones, computers, cures, books, tutorials, and solutions.

10 minutes a day is more than enough. Task your brain to solve problems, developed plans of success, and create innovative ideas. Whatever results you get, save them in your phone’s NOTEPAD. I know I maintain something I call ” The Exotic Book of Ideas”.

Recommendation: THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hills.

PS: Until reading this book, I was an idiot that knew nothing other than biology, English, chemistry and physics, and of society’s garbage.

Napoleon made me use my brain. This book is a mist for anyone interested in success. I had no mentor, this book, and its kind are all I had and still have.

Everybody has a price. And make no mistake:

–The meanest business executive can be bent.
–The hottest babe in the neighborhood can be frozen.
– The most insensitive dude in town can be humbled (Why am I feeling somehow?)
–The most ungrateful boss can yield.
– The heart that’s broken can be unbroken.

Each of us has at least one padlock and one key. We have at least one key to someone else’s heart and the one who holds the keys to our hearts will come for us.

Beyond romance, people can be influenced to make certain choices.

–I love Ronaldo because of my friend Silas.
–I love Ed Sheeran because of Arinze Chianumba
–I have made people dump plans to enter Libya.
–Most of my friends like good books and business because of me.
– And yes, I’ve been persuaded to write love poems!

So learn how to strategically get into people’s minds and the strangest if wills will break. So long you have emotions, you can persuade and be persuaded. Do well to persuade people for the right reasons.

Recommendation: THE ART OF SEDUCTION by Robert Green Silas Canice

Shoprite or Shop left, ask for the price before you buy. Don’t try to impress anyone. Haggle and get the best deal out of every deal.

Everything is negotiable; even death. To be honest, each time you take a pill you negotiate with death. This is what doctors do. How much more a businessperson who is seeking sales?

This goes beyond business. Negotiate everything that’s worthwhile. Let it be stated before you begin that friendship, relationship, partnership, appointment, and venture.

Everyone has interests. So it’s important you state the terms on time, and push the other party to the limit as you try get more and more and more concessions from this other party.

How do you learn this? And of how I helped my team seal a 6-figure writing deal that cost just 4-figures?



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