It is hardly news that real estate is a wonderful career prospect and as such, it is pertinent that one might want to get their real estate career off to a blistering start. The first few days on an enterprise are usually instrumental to the success of your career in the long run. It sets the tone for your current situation and your intended destination. A great many individuals who have fancied a career in real estate at one time or the other have floundered not for wont of trying but because of the dearth of a blend of all the essential ingredients vital to ensuring a successful real estate career. In kicking off your real estate career, it is not overboard to assert that all the decisions you make during this critical stage, the very beginning, is crucial. In these quarters, it could well prove the difference between sealing a deal and wondering how long it will be before the next one shows up. There are just as many success stories in the business as there are those who fail to surmount the hurdles and get swept away by the tide in their debut year. But you cannot afford to be just another statistic. In order to cut it in the business, in order to hold your own in a business swarming with big dogs and high rollers, there are certain mistakes and errors of judgement that you must do everything within your power to steer clear of. They have the potential of dragging you into a mire so deep, you’ll be thankful you emerged unscathed. At the beginning of every enterprise, it is very essential that you avoid making bad decisions that will leave you with a mountain to climb in the long run and derail your sail to a wrong course. Below are few examples of such avoidable mistakes.

  1. Abandoning Your Vision:

Being in control of your future is something everyone wants in a business. If things go south, you need to be able to dust yourself up and move on with no regrets. Whatever be your vision, it is important that you stick to it and not jump ship at every opportunity. Don’t just hop into the bandwagon, what cake for someone may not necessarily works for you. It is easy to get swayed by the trend when you’re new kid on the block but instead of trying out a new niche every time the old one hits a snag, how about you step off the gas and decide which line you want your business to tow. Every other thing falls into place once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with your business in mind. A myriad of options will always present themselves to derail you but you have to give all you have got to stay on course. Stay true to your vision until you can satisfactorily say that you have given it your best shot, that way, you will never rue the outcome of towing a different line.

  1. Trying to Outdo Yourself:

There is always that propensity with any new business to take on more tasks than they can handle. There is a general misconception that multitasking improves efficiency when in actual fact, it diminishes it. It is advisable to concentrate your efforts. One executed project speaks several decibels louder than a hundred that never got off paper. Taking on several projects at once distracts you from focusing on anything in particular. You leave a lot of uncompleted projects in your wake. Do not in any circumstances, try to outdo yourself by over tasking. You essentially end up doing nothing at all. Stick to handling things you can see to fruition without fuss. On completion of one task, you can move on to the next with confidence in the knowledge that you did a good job of the last one. You may spend the rest of your career cleaning up a big mess you made by taking on something you do not have a decent knowledge of. Save multitasking for when your business has gotten off to a decent start and a steady rhythm.

  1. Failing to Get Your Name Out:

Much of the success of your real estate career will be dependent on the network of contacts you build as you progress in the business. While information and education is undoubtedly a prerequisite, quite a lot is also hinged on contacts and networking for growth. And the odds are even in your favour now that there are easier ways of creating a following and having an online presence. You need to let word out on a daily and promote your business and social media is actually not a bad idea. Inculcate this into your daily schedule as you are getting started. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram and the works; there are a plethora of them you can choose from. In the modern market, you have got to sell yourself and you can’t beat the reach social media affords you. In many ways, you have the world at your fingertips. A few hours a day on these sites will greatly boost your chances of nailing down your first deal in no time. This inconspicuous detail should indeed be part of your marketing budget. Never pass up any opportunity getting your name out there.

  1. Dwelling on Assumptions:

Always remember that you’ve got your work cut out for if you signed up for a career in real estate. Be ready to put some work in and do your homework. Never make any decision based on assumptions.  In this business, what is sauce for the goose is not always the same for the gander. Even the subtlest of changes in the market or circumstances can lay waste to your chances of succeeding in the business. By drawing conclusions based on assumptions, you could be setting yourself for a fall. It is wiser to gain knowledge by experimenting with a small sample and making inferences from the data collated. You hardly have control over what people say around you but real world experience stands out.

  1. Giving Up If You Don’t Make a Quick Break:

Without mincing words, chances are that your first ‘big break’ will take a while to arrive, so rid your mind of every thought of a quick sweep. There is a tendency to throw in the towel when that home run is not hit on the first deal and this is where some resilience will come in handy. It really doesn’t matter what you do or which part of the business interests you, you just need to give it time. You’ll need time to execute some of your best laid marketing plans. A lone attempt or one strike at the piñata does not say much about the success or failure of a venture. There is going to hurdles to surmount and impediments to your success but as difficult it may be to fight the urge of calling it quits with the business, you need to hang in there. Decide what type of networking, marketing and lead generation you plan on doing and stick to it.

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Your future in the business will be determined to a large extent by these few months as a rookie. You  are running a business and things won’t always go as planned but instead of sulking, keep your eyes on the price.

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