When the romance and joy of marriage are gone, resentment and dissatisfaction begin to creep in gradually, then marriage is about to get shattered. But couples stay with their cheating partners at all cost, without giving room to breakdown. The reasons couple stay with their cheating partners are numerous, depending on a particular couple and their differences. The difficulties encountered by wives/husbands who their partners cheat are numerous and mostly these people are affected emotionally and psychologically.

People who cannot deal with their partner’s infidelity tend to divorce them. Of course, infidelity is the major cause of divorce in today’s marriages. Below are few reasons couple stay with their cheating partners.


This is without doubt the basic reason for staying put in a deteriorating marriage. Christianity, is one of the religions that believe in “one man one wife” and its stance on that has not changed. Jesus Christ himself stated it, “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery:  and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery” (Matt. 19:9). Based on this reason, some couple stay with their partners at all cost, just to obey the commandment.


In this case, women are usually the victims. Most women for the sake of properly raising their children and protecting them, remain attached to their marriages despite being cheated on or abused. In some cases, women when they observe that they won’t be allowed to leave with their children stay put. The woman believes that in her absence, her children will be maltreated. The woman is consoled by just looking at her children even when all is not functioning well.


People who depend on their partners for their daily bread, find it difficult to divorce them especially men. Women who are not working also depend on their husbands to carter for their children. With this reason, divorce is not an option as it will definitely give them more responsibilities to take care of. Women who their husbands are rich, but they are not working may see no reason to divorce even if they are not only cheated but mentally abused.


When cheated, most men tend to stay put even when they would want to divorce. The men see this as an opportunity to get back at their wives. Even the wives feel the same. At this point, the man feels that his wife won’t have the effrontery to confront them again. This gives them the license to promiscuity, all to get back at their wives. Obviously these people were not ready for marriage.

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Most people stay in their marriages just to ensure they don’t create the bad reputation outside. Women who have been divorced once tend to have this issue. In other not to create the bad impression to outsiders, they try their possible best to stay put. These women, do not want to be seen as the major cause of the problems in their marriages and at the same time seen as jumping from one man to another. Men on the other hand, have this challenge too, no man wants to be addressed as the husband of Likael, Jovy and so on. Hence, they stay put in their marriage instead divorcing.

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